The European Green Office Network provides you with a set of innovative and dynamic tools you will need to build a well-running and highly performing green office. This material is accessible in 7 different languages (ENG-BG-HU-FR-RO-SL-EE).




Green Office Handbook

The Green Office Handbook presents you everything you have to know to implement environmental tips in a dynamic way inside your office.

Virtual Learning System

Learn with the Green Office Virtual House where you find tips, information on all the Green Office topics. 

Green Office Checklist

Estimate how green your office already is by using our Self Evaluation Tool for offices.

Office Ecological Footprint calculator

Calculate the ecological footprint of your office activities and learn how much land area does it take to support your office lifestyle !

Face-to-face trainings

Would you like to learn how to involve your colleagues in greening their day to day work ? Become a super dynamic Green Office manager and subscribe to our face-to-face training.








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