KÖVET Association for Sustainable Development is coordination a three-year long project focusing on Green Offices Standards, Office Footprint Calculator and to build a European wide Green Office Network. It was launched on the first of January, 2011. From 6 countries 7 professional organizations are involved in the project

Main outputs of the project:

  • Training package for VET green office professionals.
  • Printed materials and toolkit to company trainings.
  • European version of the Office Ecological Footprint Calculator.
  • European Green Office Standards .
  • EU Green Office competition.

Trainings developed in the project will provide EU companies with Green office trainings, motivating them on green office management, thus contributing to make them more environmentally conscious. Also it will allow European organizations to train their own Green office trainers, thus helping them on the way to becoming more sustainable.

The main goal of the project is to develop a standardized Green office guidelines and office ecological footprint calculator in the EU. Contribute to environmental and human friendly way of transformation of offices and enhance skill and knowledge development of employees. There is a need to provide complex, innovative training for office managers. Training that not only transfers information, but also helps to motivate employees to actions. Vocational training needs new, fresh, more effective methodologies, such as experience based learning. VET professionals need to learn new skills in order to be able to provide trainings based on experience based learning.

The project is realized with the support of the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union. 

Project partners are:

  • KÖVET Association of Sustainable Economies,  Hungary (coordinator)
  • Groupe One (Belgium)
  • Stocholm Environment Institute Tallinn (Estonia)
  • TIME Foundation (Bulgaria)
  • Eco-Trend Association (Romania)
  • Umanotera (Slovenia)
  • 21 Solutions (Belgium)


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