Green Office Day 2013

 EGO award events take place in May and June 2013 in Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Estonia


After 6 months of tutoring it is time to acknowledge the companies and their managers for their great effort in greening the offices.

The national green office award events (along with conference / seminar / exhibition etc.) took place in the partners` countries in May and June 2013 as follows:


21st May 2013

Umanotera has completed the EGO  tutoring process in eight partner organizations of Slovenia .EGO managers and their staff in the past eight months have put a lot of work, creativity, energy and wittiness. Umanotera has  on May 21th 2013 in Ljubljana hosted the final event of the mentoring process . The organizations that have in the process of mentoring managed the basic level of the EGO  criteria awarded the national EGO certificate. EGO managers  of partner’s organizations have been rewarded for  the successful completion of training.

Networking and socializing at the event was pleasant, we celebrated our success and broke up with new ideas and plans for further progress in greening offices.



31st May 2013

The first Bulgarian Green Office (EGO) Awards took place in Sofia on 31 May 2013. The participating offices we awarded in four cathegories: offices with up to 10 employees; with 10 to 100; more than 100; and, special innovation award. The event was attended by 37 guests including newcomers with one of the most discussed topics being what is happening next year? Well we start with the new trainings in November 2013 so be prepared :)

From October 2012 to May 2013 TIME Foundation worked closely and intensivly with 12 partner organizations in Bulgaria. The turoring process involved the elaboration of individual Action Plans (based on results from EGO tools), site visits (at least two per company), regular and still ongoing email communication, preparation of documents with legislative requirements and green procurement service providers in Bulgaria on hot office topics such as waste managment, paper use, and, detergents. Efforts were also made for offices to share success stories and solutions for the environmental challenges they are facing.   

Participating offices were awarded with special sculptures made from electronic waste. The sculptures imitated organisms from the natural world: a tree, a fish, s bird, and, a bear. There were also mini sculptures for the runners-up to also acknoledge their efforts and inspire for more actions in future. Partner organizations were also awarded with EGO manager certificates and one for the organization itself. The catering was made exclusively from organic products and everybody had big smiles on the faces ...



5th June 2013

For KÖVET Association 5th of June was a day dedicated for Green Office. They wanted to raise attention with different activities therefore they organized an exhibition, a workshop, an award ceremony and a training, in one place, on one day.

Visitors had the possibility to hear professional presentation on various topics like office waste management, office eco-friendly cleaning methods, reducing paper consumption or new printing technologies. Between the presentations visitors had a chance to talk with the exhibitors, try their products, network. For relaxation visitors could drink a delicious beverage in the fair trade coffee house, which was designed for the exhibition area, try office massage or just for fun, produce electricity with the a small bicycle power plant.

On this day KÖVET Association had revealed who had won the national Green Office competition in 2013. From 15 offices it was announced who were the greenest and who had the biggest improvement after the 6 month of tutoring period.

Offices who won:

Biggest improvement Small Office: Tchibo Budapest Kft.

Biggest improvement Medium and Big office: MARS Hungary Kft.

Biggest improvement Public institution: Town Hall of XI. district in Budapest

Greenest Medium and Big Office: Unilever Hungary Kft.

The best communication campaign: Budapest Bank Zrt.



12th June 2013

EGO Day in Estonia took place on the 12th of June and the feedback from the audience was very positive. We had 28 participants: the pilot organisations representatives, new companies interested in EGO system, Estonian Ministry for the Environment, Estonian Fund for Nature, CSR Forum, Estonian Association for Environmental Management. The invitation was also sent to press plus a press release in the morning of the same day. We had a journalist from Daily Paper “Äripäev” (business press) on spot. Also a photographer.

During the event SEIT gave an overview about the reasons why to implement green office principles, the environmental impact of offices, also 20 good green office practices from Estonian pilot organisations were described. The second half of the event was more festive and the project participants (companies + EGO coordinators) were given certificates. Also the winner, II and III place of Estonian national mini competition was announced. After that press and other audience had a possibility to ask questions from the pilot companies represented in a panel - so-called press conference took place.

The winner of Estonian Green Office competition was AS Ragn-Sells (their green office coordinator Ave Kruusalu on the photo). The runner-up (II place) was AS DHL Estonia and the III place was given to AS Starman.  



16th July 2013

Eco-Trend Association have succesfully organized their Green Office day in Romaniam on the 16th of July 2013. They put a lot of energy on the organization to make sure the message will reach as many people as possible. Their effort turned out very positive because they not just managed to bring people together but invited local TV, Newspapers and had several disseminations.

Watch EGO in the local TV



Belgium organises their event along with the EU green office conference and award ceremony in Brussels on the 22nd of November 2013.

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