Green Office Competition 2013

Winners of the European Green Office Award are as follows:

22nd November 2013



SAP (Hungary) - some good examples: bicycle parking area, green meeting room, green procurement policy, significant employee involvement.

Unilever (Hungary) - significant CO2 reduction, environmentally redesigned kitchen, free gym for all employees, the whole staff cleaning the office surrounding.


Tetra PAK (Hungary) - significant improvements, e.g. 100% of used paper is recycled, using only eco-labelled materials, one person – one flower initiative,  very nice communication materials and tips.


Tchibo (Hungary) - simple, but well-working initiatives, e.g. „No printing day”, 10 Green Office rules for all employees, separate Green Office related subpage on their webpage, action „Stay fit!”.


Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria) - weekly meetings for environmental communication, set green procurement rules, all the toxic detergents replaced with the eco-labelled ones, paper towels replaced with the textile ones.


Municipality of Újbuda (Hungary) - outstanding performance and inspiring examples: green library, solar panels, public gardens, eco-excursions, eco-idea box in the office etc. 

In addition to the winner awards, special prizes were given to:

for Innovative Communication to Mundo B - Brussels Sustainable House and Mundo-Namur - Green Property (Belgium)

for Best Management System to Aerodrom Ljubljana, D.D (Slovenia)

for Sustainable Procurement to Oxfam International EU Advocacy Office (Belgium)

Recognized offices by their commitment and achievments:

  • Gyulafehérvári Caritas, Szent Patrick (Romania)
  • European Institute Foundation (Bulgaria)
  • Association of the city and municipalities of the Brussels Capital region (Belgium)

*Awards are original artwork by Luba Atanasova.


An Award Ceremony for the European Green Offices took place in Brussels on the 22nd of November, in partnership with the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI). Twenty-two nominees for the Award entered from six European countries representing companies from micro to large, NGOs and public sector institutions. The Award Ceremony will take place along with the European Green Office Network event – a conference called “Environmental innovation for offices”.

Csaba Bodroghelyi, the Manager of the European Green Office Network: “Greening on offices can be a stepping stone in motivating top management to transfer good green practices elsewhere in the company.”

“It is important to support the implementation of green practices in offices as part of a sustainable economic development, because the service sector represents more than 90 % of employment in Brussels, and more than 70 % in Belgium”, stated Jan De Brabanter, the Deputy Secretary General of Brussels Chamber of Commerce.

European Green Office Awards are the result of a competition among organisations from 6 EU countries that participated in the European Green Office project, which included training and tutoring offices by the European Green Office Network. The 22 nominee applications were evaluated by an international jury composed of
Ms Helka Julkunen (WWF Finland),
Ms Claudia Koll (German Federal Ministry for the Environment),
Ms Maria Passalaqua (EMAS Club Barcelona) and
Mr Tomas Ekström (Kinnarps AB and FSC Sweden).


I. European Green Office Competition have been lanched

August 2013

After half year of tutoring, and successfully organized national green office competitions, project partners are about to select those offices that will represent their country on the European Green Office Competition.

Offices that successfully finished the 6 month tutoring and reached a significant environmental development in their workplace have a chance to be delegated to the European Competition.. 

From the delegated offices an independent jury will choose those ones who will be awarded with the European Green Office award. The composition of the Jury:

- Ms Helka Julkunen – WWF Finland: responsabile of the WWF Green Office programme

- Ms Claudia Koll – BMU (German Federal Ministry for the Environment) : responsible for Products environmental labeling 

- Ms Maria Passalaqua - EMAS Club Barcelona : EMAS expert and organisor of the Catalunian EMAS Awards

- Mr Tomas Ekström - Kinnarps and FSC Sweden : Corporate Quality & Environment Manager of Kinnarps AB and the President of Forest Stewardship Council Sweden

The Jury will make their decision in the beginning of October. 

The Final EGO conference and Award ceremony will be placed on the 22nd November in Brussels. 




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