Why Green Office?

The service sector represents 70% of Europe’s employment rate, and most of the service sector employees are working daily in offices. For their image and under market pressure, the majority of large companies in Europe are taking steps to manage their environmental and social responsibilities. Even with these sustainability policies, companies do not have the expertise and/or resources to train office managers on how to manage their offices to make them “green.”

Every day all of us make decisions that affect global warming, air pollution, and other environmental issues. Our everyday practices in our workplace are among factors that can affect our environments in more or less negative ways – depending, again, on our choices and decisions. Environmental practices are more and more becoming routines in our homes, so why not doing the same on your workplace ?

Worldwide, forty percent of raw materials and resources are consumed by offices. Increasingly, legislation has been introduced which affects many offices. This legislation now covers issues from mobility, air pollution, waste separation (paper, plastics, hazardous waste such as light fittings, batteries, and electronic waste such as computers, computer monitors, printers, etc) to energy efficiency.

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