Existing initiatives

 During the preparation phase of our project, the partners of the European Green Office network collected more than 50 initiatives, labels, standards and certication systems related to the greening of the office workplace. You will find hereunder several initiatives, campaigns, competitions, guidances and guidelines related to Green Offices.


Campaign: Green Office Week - UK

Main Topic : multiple approach (Waste, paper, mobility, energy, green procurement,...)

Executing Organisation: Avery

Green Office Week (GOW) is an action-packed week full of fun and simple ideas to make your office greener. See what's happening each day and then find ways you can fit these environmental ideas into your own work place. You can make a difference to the environment by making a few small changes. We should all be doing what we can 52 weeks of the year. You could pick any week of the year to be your own company Green Office week and use our daily themes.

Website: http://www.greenofficeweek.eu/


Competition: Energy Trophy - Europe

Main Topic : Energy

Executing organisation: B.&S.U.

The Energy Trophy is an EU-wide competition for saving energy in office buildings by the change of employee behaviour. The Competition took place between 2004 and 2008 with more than 400 participants.

Website: http://www.energytrophy.org/en-home


Guidance: Green Office Guide online - New Zeland

Main Topic : multiple approach (Waste, paper, mobility, energy, green procurement,...)

Executing organisation: City of Auckland (New Zeland)

The Green Office online guide presents since 2002 which areas of improvement an office can make step by step to become greener. The New Zeland Green Office management guide can be downloaded here.

Website : http://www.greenoffice.org.nz/


Guideline: Green Building Guideline - Belgium

Main Topic : building (energy, water, biodiversity,...)

Executing organisation: IBGE (Brussels Administration for Environment and Energy)

The Green Building Guidelines is a comprehensive resource of best practices for green building for building and renovation projects in Brussels. 

This guide offers practical information on many of the various components embraced in sustainable construction.  It contains information on all the topics that have a key role in meeting future challenges with regards to environmental targets such as: energy, water, materials, health and confort.  This guide sets out to assist planners, architects, builders and developers of small organisational sizes with insights into approaches and technologies that can help and encourage mainstream sustainable development within the construction. 

The Guide offers clear basic explanations of the merits of the technology involved.

Website: http://app.bruxellesenvironnement.be/guide_batiment_durable/(S(1l5twabs4akof4nw5oagitq2))/guide.aspx


Guideline: Green Office Guideline - USA

Main Topic : multiple approach (Waste, paper, mobility, energy, green procurement,...)

Executing organisation: City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development

The City of Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development published this guide, which details the ways in which offices can reduce resource consumption and improve environmental performance. Its first chapter provides an overview of the resources consumed within offices: energy for lighting, heating, and cooling buildings; fuel for employees’ transportation to work; and, last but not least, paper. In the chapters that follow, they cover resource-saving choices for: heating and cooling, lighting, office equipment, paper products, transportation and parking, and water use. Each section includes brief case studies.

The Green office guide was published in 2002. Since a few years, the City of Portland launched the Sustainability @ work programme, including free assistance and certification. Within this programme, several useful guides have been published, including the Green Team at work guide and theGreen Office checklist.


Guideline: Greening the Office Online Audit - Scotland

Main Topic : multiple approach (Waste, paper, mobility, energy, green procurement,...)

Executing organisation: Friends of the Earth Scotland

Friends of the Earth Scotland has developed an Online Audit to answer questions on how to go about greening the office. The audit includes basic information on identifying environmental impacts and finding solutions. The majority of the questions apply to all offices.

The platform provides supporting information. The fact sheets provide practical information on the main topics. There are also directories of web-based links to sources of further information, green office suppliers and other relevant links. 

Friends of the Earth has also produced a comprehensive easy-to-use guide, the Green Office Action Plan (GOAP). It has additional background information on all the topics (and more) included in our Online Audit. The GOAP includes practical “blow-up” pages, audit templates, facts and figures, green suppliers and additional sources of information. 

Website: http://www.green-office.org.uk/audit.php?goingto=index


Guideline: California Institute of Technology - USA

Main Topic : multiple approach (Waste, paper, mobility, energy, green procurement,...)

Executing organisation: California Institute of Technology

Sustainability at Caltech aims to enhance Caltech's core mission of research and education by reducing Caltech's environmental impact and promoting stewardship within the Caltech community. Catech has developed sustainability guideline including a Green office checklist about office procurment. 

Website: http://sustainability.caltech.edu/materials/procurement/GreenOfficeChecklist


Competition : Green Office Program & Green office award - Hungary

Main Topic : multiple approach (Waste, paper, mobility, energy, green procurement,...)

Executing organisation: KÖVET Association

The Green Office Program was worked out by the experts of KÖVET in 1999. Since then they helped to introduce the program successfully in many offices.This has been used by more than 5000 people yearly to improve their knowledge. A revised, extended edition of the Green Office Handbook was published by KÖVET for a few years ago, with the help of the Hungarian Ministry of Environment and Water.

Website: http://www.uj.zoldiroda.hu/


Guideline: Green Meeting Guide - worldwide

Main Topic : meetings and conferences

Executing organisation: UNEP

The guide is designed to assist organisers and hosts of small- to medium-sized meetings of up to 100 participants in greening their meetings - from partners meetings to small conferences. It is applicable to all organisations, not just those within the UN system.
The Guide is broken down into two main sections – “What to Know” and “What to Do”.

“What to Know” includes an informative introduction to the concepts of global climate change and sustainability and the creation of “climate neutral” events. For planners working with clients that are truly committed to sustainability, the section that focuses on “management and communication” provides a useful step-by-step guide to implementation and guidelines for monitoring, measuring and reporting your actual results for review and discussion.

The “What to Do” section features a number of step by step guidelines and easy-to-use check lists. All designed to help planners ensure that they are no opportunity is overlooked. This section also includes a comprehensive assessment and monitoring form.

Website: http://www.unglobalcompact.org/docs/issues_doc/Environment/Green_Meeting_Guide_WEB.pdf


Guideline: good practice guidance to organise official meetings - Belgium

Main topic : meeting and conferences

Existing organisation: Belgian presidency

Belgium has issued guidance on sustainable meetings for their presidency in 2010.

A “Charter for a Sustainable Presidency” was signed. It provides a good practice guide for workers and a check-list featuring a carbon footprint calculator. 

The guidelines cover catering, mobility, venue, accommodation and the origin of materials used ''for the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainable development,'' a concept at the heart of the Lisbon Treaty.

Website: http://www.sppdd.be/


Guideline: Procura + purchasing guildines - Europe

Main topic: green procurement

Executing organisation: Iclei

Procura+ is an initiative designed to help support public authorities in implementing Sustainable Procurement – and help promote their achievements. 

The Campaign was established in 2004 by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability to help drive the mainstreaming of sustainable public procurement. Through participating in the Campaign, public authorities can contribute to a growing international movement and help bring about real change on the market.

Website: http://www.procuraplus.org/


Guideline: Green Public Procurement - Europe

Main topic: green procurement

Executing organisation: European Commission

Green Public Procurement (GPP) is a process whereby public authorities seek to procure goods, services and works with a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle when compared to goods, services and works with the same primary function that would otherwise be procured.

The European Commission has developed guidance on GPP. The guidance seeks to cover all public procurement procedures, above and below the thresholds defined by the European public procurement Directives. 

The guidance provides information on how to reduce the environmental impact caused by public sector consumption and to use GPP to stimulate innovation in environmental technologies, products and services.

Website: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/gpp/toolkit_en.htm



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