EGO Trainers

Alenka Burja (Slovenia)

Ms Burja has an MSc degree on Environmental Sciences and Policy. She has been working exclusively on environmental issues since the beginning of 90s, working as a consultant on range of national and international environmental projects and writing a number of investigative/analytical environmental articles for diverse media. In 2003 Ms Burja joined the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Republic of Slovenia, Directorate Environment where her main activities included: sustainable consumption and production, green public procurement, sustainable development, urban environment, climate change, environmental education and environmental awareness raising publications. From November 2008 till end December 2011 Ms Burja has worked as Seconded National Expert at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Environment on Green Public Procurement (GPP). Her main responsibilities were to promote the greening of public procurement, setting the EU Green Public Procurement policy and developing GPP criteria, and linking of GPP and Ecolabel initiatives.



Artur Povodör (Hungary, Poland)

Artur has been working at KÖVET Association since 2011. He has expertise in sustainable development, ecological - and carbon foot printing, system analysis and thinking, energy management and sustainable business development. Artur holds a Master degree of Sciences in Environmental Sciences, from Hungary. He also studied in Moscow, France, the Netherlands and in Poland with several scholarships and fellowships. His main task in the organisation is to coordinate an EU Leonardo da Vinci project, the European Green Office Network. He also has been involved in several projects like: Energy awareness campaign in St.Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast; Training for the future Summer University in Hungary; Ecological - and CO2 foot printing etc. 



Csaba Bodroghelyi (Hungary)


Emőke Péter (Romania)

Emőke PÉTER graduated environmental engineering and she has studied silvicultural management. She is working at Tutto Mobili company and EcoTrend Assosiation. She is involved in consulting activities relateded to the environmental aspects of the SMEs. She is an EMAS Easy consultant.


Erwan Mouazan (Belgium)


Evelin Urbel-Piirsalu (Estonia)

Evelin Urbel-Piirsalu has been working in SEI Tallinn Environmental Management Programme since 2004. She has expertise in sustainability science, sustainable development, sustainability assessment tools, systems analysis and thinking. Evelin holds a doctoral degree in Social and Economic Geography and masters degree in Environmental science both from Lund University. Her recent focus has been among other things ecological and carbon footprint and key performance indicators as tools for environmental management of organisations within projects EMASEasy MOVE-IT! and Ecotips 2.0. She has also been involved with sustainability and environmental management training for students and managers and other decision-makers. 



Judith Molnár (Romania)

Judith MOLNÁR is the executive director of Certop Certifications Services SRL, Romania, certification body for management systems (lead auditor in quality, environmental and health and safety management systems). She is also the project manager of NEGOSE project. She is the president of ARBOR Entrepreneurial Association from Gheorgheni.  She is physicist, with post gradual degree in eco-management. 


Kamen Chipev (Bulgaria)

Kamen Chipev, 35, has 7 year experience as project manager in TIME Foundation. He has a BA in Anthropology (State University of New York), MSc in Human Ecology (Free University of Brussels), and an internship in DG Environment at the European Commission. Currently programme and project director, Kamen Chipev's main expertise is in developing and managing projects, international relations and consortium building, as well as delivering project specific expert work. He has experience in developing and delivering educational programmes for different age groups, developing and launching innovative tools (EMS, footprinting, etc.) for business to improve its environmental results and reduce the carbon footprint. Kamen also has experience in publishing, being a former author of the Bulgarian skateboarding magazine Boulevard and in documentary production, with two documentaries under his belt. He is addicted to mountains, loves freedom, animals and the outdoors in general.



Karin Kilk (Estonia)

Karin Kilk has been working in SEI Tallinn Environmental Management Programme since September 2006. Her main fields of focus have been sustainable consumption and production, environmental awareness, environmental management tools and environmental technologies. In 2008 she graduated Tallinn University of Technology and received Master degree of Science in Environmental Engineering and Management. Karin is currently leading the EU Leonardo da Vinci project “Network for Green Office Standardization in the EU (NeGOSE)” in Estonia. Since 2011 she is also coordinating the activities of Estonian Association for Environmental Management (EKJA) which brings together enterprises, organisations and individuals, who are interested in improving environmental performance related to corporate management.



Katalin Járy (Romania)

Katalin JÁRY is a consultant  in different management systems (quality, environmental, health and safety, EMAS Easy). She is also a lead auditor in quality management system, and adult trainer since 2009.  She  has graduated in environmental engineering in 2004.



Maarja Jõe (Estonia)

Her main fields of research are legal compliance of IPPC permits in Estonia, waste management and its permit system, environmental management systems and European Eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS) application among SME’s and this scheme cluster approach (EC project EMASeasy MOVE-IT!). She was also the project manager for the EU Leonardo da Vinci EcoTips project (international companies` and tutors` awareness raising project).



Manuel Mengoni (Belgium)

 Manu is a sustainable solutions provider :

- Environmental strategies and solution provider for industry and publics services. 

- Various training and formations (GHG, greening business, energy and non-energy environmental impacts, territories planning and environmental impacts assesments, ...)

- GhG and Climate Change impact and strategies and energy dependency 

- Environmental impact assessment, eco management and audit, waste prevention, water management, green procurement.



Marcel van Meesche (Belgium)

 Of Dutch origin, and born in 1972, Marcel holds a masters degree of Financial and Commercial Sciences, and environmental degree of the Institut Eco-Conseil of Namur in 1998. Marcel has set up various high-level training courses concerning sustainable development for the attention of public actors at communal, regional, federal and international level. The set of themes tackled with include local Agenda 21, sustainable public purchasing politics, environmental management systems, waste sustainable management, rational use of energy and waste prevention, etc. In addition, Marcel has supported public actors in the setting up of sustainable development strategies (ecological public purchasing politics, implementation of EMAS, touristic sector eco-labeling, etc.).


Renata Karba (Slovenia)

Renata Karba has been Project Manager at the Umanotera, Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development since 2010. She is responsible for independent management of projects in the fields of sustainable development and environment protection. She has been involved in projects dealing with sustainable tourism, green offices and sustainable events. In this role she gained experience in delivering workshops, consulting and tools development. Her professional interests are food and energy sovereignty and green businesses. She is involved in the network of Slovenian non-governmental organizations for sustainable devlopment Plan B for Slovenia. In this framework, Renata is involved in developing national  policies and strategic documents, as well as watch-dog activities and independent research. In 2011, she initiated an on-line community for active citizenship, performing campaigns for influencing political and corporate decisions in public interest. She regularly contributes to printed and electonic media and delivers conference sessions. Renata has a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ljubjana. 



Rita Halmavánszki (Hungary)



Spela Kern (Slovenia)

Špela Kern is a Project  manager at Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development since 2008. Her main expertise focuses on Management Systems Assessment  and  carbon footprint . She has done courses for Lead Auditors for ISO14001, ISO 9001 and EmasEasy. She is involved incooperation  with bussiness, she advises the organizations that want to greening their activities and want to calculate their carbonfootprint. She also has organized a series of workshops, conferences and maintains good communication with stakeholders and partner organizations.   Špela has B.Sc. Degree in  Food Science and Chemistry from the University of Ljubjana.  



Stoyan Faldjiyski (Bulgaria)

Stoyan is born on June 6th, 1979 in Sofia. He joined TIME Foundation in the second half of 2008, where he mainly works on TIME's educational and trainings projects. In the past he worked as a climate change expert in TIME's climate programme, which was aimed at raising the awareness about climate issues at the political and media level, as well as for the general public. He has graduated the Technical University in Sofia, with a BA degree in industrial management. He has also briefly worked as an assessor of the attitudes of various types of industries towards the environment in Bulgaria. Stoyan also has a Master's degree in environmental protection and sustainable development and follows another MSc degree in primary school pedagogy. What he values most in his work is professionalism and actions, as opposed to gibberish, and also fun and friendly atmosphere at the work place.



Suzanne Alexander (Bulgaria)

Suzanne Alexander has been Director of the International Office at the University of Leicester since 2005. From 2001-2005, she was Director Promotions at the British Council, where she was responsible for the provision of services to support UK education institutions in their international marketing activities. In this role she built on experience gained in a career of more than 25 years in higher education management, distance learning and education marketing both in the UK and internationally. Suzanne has a Bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Birmingham and an MBA from the University of Warwick. She has extensive experience in delivering workshops and conference sessions on different aspects of international education management and regularly contributes to EAIE training programmes on partnerships and admissions management. Suzanne is a member of various UK national committees and organisations concerned with international education strategies and the international student experience.


Vida Ogorelec (United Kingdom, Slovenia)

Vida Ogorelec is a Managing Director of Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development. Vida is recognised as one of the leading experts in sustainable development in Slovenia. In addition to policy work she also works with businesses to reduce their environmental impact, using EMAS Easy methodology, combined with carbon footprinting and own tools developed by Umanotera. Trained by Al Gore to deliver The Inconvenient Truth slide show. Also certified professional facilitator and trainer.Vida has a Master degree of Fine Arts (distinction) ”Environmental Impact of Design” Thesis from Academy of Fine Arts, San Francisco.



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