EGO principles

In order to become an European Green Office (EGO), certain principles have to be followed. The principles of EGO can be distinguished as management and performance related. The principles of EGO are listed below.
Management related principles

Management related principles are connected to the managerial matters such as setting environmental objectives and raising environmental awareness of the staff.

Environmental commitment and policy

The top manager(s) of the office have visibly committed that they care about environmental performance of the organisation and that they support the environmental actions in the office.

Environmental objectives and action plan

The office must identify the significant environmental topics (environmental aspects/impacts) taking into account the special features of the office and its situation. Based on this information the office must define the environmental objectives and develop clear environmental action plan.

The Green Office coordinator and team

The office must select a person (a green office coordinator) and team from the personnel of an office to coordinate the implementation of the green office activities.

Raising environmental awareness of staff

All staff in a Green Office must be aware of the Green Office objectives, management system and the practices being encouraged and supported in the office. Staff has to be instructed, trained, and guided so that they know practical measures that are being implemented and related to their job profile.

Monitoring and tracking progress

The office must monitor and check the fulfilment of its environmental objectives and action plan as well as environmental performance on a regular basis. The office must define the key indicators for its activities that have significant environmental impact and monitor/measure them on a regular basis.


Specific issues/performance related principles

Performance/operation related principles characterise the performance of significant environmental aspects such as energy and waste.

Green procurement

The office must have established green purchasing criteria and procedure for selected office supplies and services.

Improving energy efficiency

The office must have established the measures for energy saving and demonstrate the uptake of energy efficiency in the office.

Reducing the consumption of natural resources and office materials

The office must have established the measures for reducing the consumption of natural resourcesand office materials that are related the special features of the office and its situation (significant aspects).

Waste reduction and recycling

The office must have established the measures for waste reduction and source separation that allow high level of recovery and compliance with local requirements.

Sustainable transport and mobility

The office must have established measures for minimising transport impacts and promoting sustainable mobility.

Creating healthy office environment

The office must have established measures for creating and promoting healthy and socially responsible working environment/conditions (including regular risk assessment of the work places).

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