Eco-footprint calculator

Calculate the ecological footprint of your office activities and learn how much land area does it take to support your office lifestyle! Take this quiz to find out your office Ecological Footprint, discover your biggest areas of resource consumption, and learn what you can do to tread more lightly on the earth.

The Ecological footprint can be calculated for one person, one country but also for one company. In that respect, It can be used to help businesses improve their market foresight, set strategic direction, manage performance and communicate their strengths. When calculating the Ecological Footprint of a business organisation, we collect data information from the organisation’s buildings, the energy it consumes, the mobility of its employees, the waste generated, etc… With all these data, we are able to calculate an estimation of the organisation’s ecological footprint. By providing a common unit, the Ecological Footprint helps businesses to establish benchmarks, set quantitative targets and evaluate alternatives for future activities.

Explanation of the footprint : The ecological footprint is a measure of the Earth's surface, expressed in hectares required to produce the resources consumed and to absorb CO2. Ecological footprint gives a concrete figure on the responsibility we have on the exhaustion of natural resources.   It is estimated the Earth's surface with a biologically productive capacity is about 12 billion hectares, out of 51 billion hectares (total area of the Earth). To measure the Ecological Footprint, we use global hectares (gha) as an indicator. Gha is a representative production capacity of one hectare of land with world average productivity. To find the area available for each human being, we divide the biocapacity (gha 12 billion) by the world's population (7 billion). This gives us an average Ecological Footprint of 1.7 gha per person, representing our sustainable footprint. Today however, the ecological footprint of humanity is 2.7 gha per capita. In other words, we consume more resources than the planet can regenerate and produce more waste than it can absorb. As a matter of fact, if everyone consumed like a Western citizen, we would need three planets to support our needs!  

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