Your office can be a green, healthy place to work. The term green office refers to a workplace that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. Green offices are designed to be energy efficient and often incorporate recycled content. The goal is to create a healthy environment, conserve energy and reduce pollution.

Subscribe to our European Green Office (EGO) programme and find out easy ways to set up a green office, recycle products, telecommute, use sustainable office products, and convince the boss to go green.

Going for a European Green Office (EGO) programme will :
- improve your organisation’s image,
- reduce overhead costs through better and more efficient resource use and reduced waste disposal
- be stimulating and enriching for all employees. Staff motivation and employee morale are among the most frequently named benefits from the implementation of Green     Offices
- help you to comply with environmental legislation,
- boost innovation for greener services and products. New insights may lead to the creation of better products and services,

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